Organic Eco-Product № 1 in Ukraine

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we grow

ecologically clean melons
without the use of chemical and synthetic fertilizers
without pesticides
GMO free
without other harmful substances

using with

preserved traditions

Historic location
Handmade labor
Organic fertilizers
The area of the field is located on the border of Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions, within a 10-kilometer zone from the Azov Sea coast, along with a recreational, ecologically clean coastal area, which implies the presence of a unique microclimate for the growth of melons and other vegetables and fruits.
Handmade labor, which is used in 90% of cases in small volumes of territories, guarantees careful and precise cultivation of plants, and at the same time completely excludes the use of any pesticides for weed removal.
Use only if necessary, exclusively natural organic fertilizers of natural origin gives a guarantee that in the produced product there are no synthetic chemicals.

and modern technology

Super-sown cropped
Elite seed
We cover the seeds with a conventional thermal film, which, combined with unique microclimate and soil, guarantees the early maturing of all types of melons, which allows you to abandon any growth promoters and other chemicals
Unlike our competitors, we use elite hybrid seeds of foreign production, which is guaranteed to be protected from many types of diseases and pests. This allows you to not use any chemical substances to protect the melons.
Proper use of crop rotation and agrotechnical techniques for soil tillage allows you to achieve maximum yield without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers.

We guarantee the extraction of high-quality and, most importantly, USEFUL product