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Organic Eco-Product № 1 in Ukraine

Why is our location better?

So you can clearly see the difference between our location and the place where the watermelon and other vegetables known throughout Ukraine grow.

Carefully study the proposed pollution maps of Ukraine and hopefully you will make the right conclusions.

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Technology of growing "under the film"

We did not go far ahead of our colleagues, who also planted watermelon and other melons with the help of a film. The standard process can be seen on the proposed video.

Our "little tricks" are just that we do not use any fertilizers, pesticides, stimulants, etc., as opposed to others.

At the same time it suffers from yields, but it will benefit the quality and purity of melons, which for us and, hopefully, is a more important indicator for our customers. It prints our products in premium category

The sun, space, moisture

What else do you need to syrup? Well, if you do not pursue the artificial increase in yield, then more in principle and nothing ...

If you look at the corresponding map, you can see that in a unique location ecoarbuz.com has everything you need for a quality growth of an environmentally friendly product without the use of any chemicals.

That's why we do not go for anything - we just grow a quality product!

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